108 Names- Ashtothram's- Ashtottara Shatanamavali's

Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 Names of Lord Shiva

The Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali refers to the 108 Names of Lord Shiva which are composed in praise of the Great God Shiva and his divine attributes.

These 108 Names are also called with the name Shiva Ashtothram.

Lord Shiva is considered the most popular God in Hinduism and is the primary among the Hindu Trinity. He is the Lord of creation, preservation, and destruction as per the Shaivite tradition.

Chanting the Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali has special importance in the Shiva Puja and rituals. It is mainly because these names describe several attributes of Lord Shiva, his greatness, appearance, various forms, and his affection for the devotees.

Worshipping the Great God daily with 108 names of Lord Shiva helps us to understand the Shiva Tatva and move closer to the divine abode of Mahadeva.

Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali and 108 names of Lord Shiva Ashtothram

Sri Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali – 108 Names of Lord Shiva in English

  1. Om Shivaya Namaha
  2. Om Maheshwaraya Namaha
  3. Om Shambhave Namaha
  4. Om Pinakine Namaha
  5. Om Shasi-sekharaya Namaha
  6. Om Vamadevaya Namaha
  7. Om Virupakshaya Namaha
  8. Om Kapardhine Namaha
  9. Om Neelalohithaya Namaha
  10. Om Shankaraya Namaha
  11. Om Shulapanaye Namaha
  12. Om Khatvangine Namaha
  13. Om Vishnu vallabhaya Namaha
  14. Om Sipivishtaya Namaha
  15. Om Ambikanathaya Namaha
  16. Om Srikantaya Namaha
  17. Om Bhakta vathsalaya Namaha
  18. Om Bhavaya Namaha
  19. Om Sharvaya Namaha
  20. Om Trilokeshaya Namaha
  21. Om Sithikanthaya Namaha
  22. Om Sivaa-priyaya Namaha
  23. Om Ugraya Namaha
  24. Om Kapaline Namaha
  25. Om Kaumaraye Namaha
  26. Om Andhakasura Sudhanaaya Namaha
  27. Om Gangadharaya Namaha
  28. Om Lalatakshaya Namaha
  29. Om Kaalakaalaya Namaha
  30. Om Krupanidhaye Namaha
  31. Om Bhimaya Namaha
  32. Om Parashu-hasthaya Namaha
  33. Om Mruga-panaye Namaha
  34. Om Jatadharaya Namaha
  35. Om Kailasa-vasine Namaha
  36. Om Kavachine Namaha
  37. Om Kathoraya Namaha
  38. Om Tripuranthakaya Namaha
  39. Om Vrushankaya Namaha
  40. Om Vrushabha rudhaya Namaha
  41. Om Bhasmodhulitha-vigrahaya Namaha
  42. Om Samapriyaya Namaha
  43. Om Swaramayaya Namaha
  44. Om Trayeemurthaye Namaha
  45. Om Anishwaraya Namaha
  46. Om Sarvagnaya Namaha
  47. Om Paramathmane Namaha
  48. Om Somasuryaagni lochanaya Namaha
  49. Om Havishe Namaha
  50. Om Yagnamayaya Namaha
  51. Om Somaya Namaha
  52. Om Panchavaktraya Namaha
  53. Om Sada Shivaya Namaha
  54. Om Visweshwaraya Namaha
  55. Om Veerabhadraya Namaha
  56. Om Gananadhaya Namaha
  57. Om Prajapathaye Namaha
  58. Om Hiranya rethase Namaha
  59. Om Durdharshaya Namaha
  60. Om Gireeshaya Namaha
  61. Om Girishaya Namaha
  62. Om Anaghaaya Namaha
  63. Om Bhujanga bhooshanaya Namaha
  64. Om Bharghaya Namaha
  65. Om Giridhanvane Namaha
  66. Om Giripriyaya Namaha
  67. Om Krutthivasase Namaha
  68. Om Purarathaye Namaha
  69. Om Bhagavathe Namaha
  70. Om Pramadhadhipaya Namaha
  71. Om Mruthyumjayaya Namaha
  72. Om Sukshmatanave Namaha
  73. Om Jagadvyapine Namaha
  74. Om Jagadguruve Namaha
  75. Om Vyomakeshaya Namaha
  76. Om Mahasena Janakaya Namaha
  77. Om Charuvikramaya Namaha
  78. Om Rudraya Namaha
  79. Om Bhuthapathaye Namaha
  80. Om Sthanave Namaha
  81. Om Ahirbhudhnyaya Namaha
  82. Om Digambaraya Namaha
  83. Om Ashta Murthaye Namaha
  84. Om Anekathmane Namaha
  85. Om Swathvikaya Namaha
  86. Om Suddha vigrahaya Namaha
  87. Om Shaasvathaya Namaha
  88. Om Khanda parashave Namaha
  89. Om Ajaaya Namaha
  90. Om Pasha vimochakaya Namaha
  91. Om Mrudaya Namaha
  92. Om Pashupathaye Namaha
  93. Om Devaya Namaha
  94. Om Mahadevaya Namaha
  95. Om Avyayaya Namaha
  96. Om Haraye Namaha
  97. Om Pushadhantha-bhide Namaha
  98. Om Avyagraaya Namaha
  99. Om Dakshaadwara-haraya Namaha
  100. Om Haraya Namaha
  101. Om Bhaganethra-bhide Namaha
  102. Om Avyakthaya Namaha
  103. Om Sahasraakshaya Namaha
  104. Om Sahasrapade Namaha
  105. Om Apaparga pradaya Namaha
  106. Om Ananthaya Namaha
  107. Om Tarakaya Namaha
  108. Om Parameshwaraya Namaha

Ithi Sri Shiva Ashtothra Satanamavali Sampoornam

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